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  • 2013

    March - By applying the same logic to the things that are good for us as well we may not be so dismissive of our exercise routine or healthy eating. Do it regularly and it will become HABIT.

  • 2012

    December - The New Year is just around the corner. A year where many things will stay the same but an opportunity exists to make some of the changes we would like to see in our lives.

    November - We are running our Bootcamps right up to Christmas so there is no reason for you to stop training or lose motivation during this busy time.

    October - This month we are introducing a whole new way to train with our inaugural Xtreme one-off session bootcamp.

    September - Let springtime's rejuvenation motivate you to overcome the hurdles that stand in the way of making fitness a way of life.

    August - This month's feature article highlights the benefits of introducing sprinting to your fitness program.

    July - Does a cardio workout have an advantage over strength training? What is the perfect formula for weight loss?

    June - It may be darker and colder but the benefits of getting yourself up and moving in the cooler months far outweigh...

    May - ...this month focuses on the importance of making challenges and setting goals in order to improve our fitness and general well-being.

    April - What had you promised yourself at the start of the year? To get fitter? Look after yourself better? Take on a new challenge?

    March - The variety of our fitness training sessions makes it easier to keep coming back

    Feburary - We took the opportunity over the break to design some great new sessions for Bootcamp, Group Training & Boxing that challenge you in new and exciting ways

    January - Its the start of a New Year which means that it's Boot Camp season.

  • 2011

    December - we look forward to seeng you at our fitness training sessions in 2012

    November - Arguably there's no better combined cardio & strength exercise than boxing

    October - If you're into outdoor fitness training this time of the year then you'll love the programs that we have planned

    September - Boot Camps as the name implies are intense cardio & strength fitness sessions designed to fast-track your fitness

    August - If you're serious about getting fit & toned for Summer NOW is the time for action

    July - This is a must attend session for mothers with young babies wanting to regain that pre-baby fitness

    June - We have a fantastic special for you this month to encourage you to keep exercising during the Winter months

    May - We can help you to lose a kilo or two or fast-track your fitness through our Boot Camps, Group Training & Group Boxing sessions

    April - This month we have a great Easter special that we’re offering to you

    March - Early Autumn is a great time of the year for those who love to exercise outdoors.

    Feburary - Our January Boot Camps are underway & it won’t be too long before our February Boot Camps start.

    January - We’re back on deck doing what we do best – providing great fitness sessions to help people get fit, tone-up & lose weight